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Signing up is SIMPLE! Get your DHL account today!

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InXpress is one of DHL's largest shipping partners which enables us to offer heavily discounted shipping to our customers through large volume discounts. 

Open your small business DHL account with InXpress and receive consolidated, heavily discounted group rates. 

You will have access to a dedicated Certified Internationals Shipping Specialist for your account. DHL handles your shipping; InXpress takes care of everything else fo you: your account, your discounts, even managing customs on your behalf. 

The DHL account belongs to you; InXpress just helps you manage it. 

Benefits Include: 

  • Global Shippping, covering over 220 countires and territories
  • Internationals express parcel delivery
  • International document delivery
  • Domestic freight solutions with over 40 carriers to ensure the absolute best rates
  • The best transit times in the market
  • Shipping supplies at no charge


Your Global Logistics Specialist: 

Doug Meyer

Jason Metteer