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Domestic Shipping with a 747 or a Mail Truck, which is cheaper?

5th March 2020

You’re sitting at the airport waiting for your flight to carry you off to that long-awaited vacation. While sipping your latte, you’re watching planes take off and land, left and right. A few of those 747s have shipping carriers logos painted on the tail. Now you think to yourself, “Man, that most cost a ton of money to ship packages domestically on one of those things. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just send it through the mail?”


This is one of the biggest misconceptions in the shipping process. In actuality, that 747 is one of the cheapest options to ship your packages and here’s why!


You’re a small business owner that runs a factory making miniature models of factories. Business is good and you are churning out thousands of models a day! Which means you have thousands of packages a day going out the door. You’re local carrier drives from the distribution center, picks up and scans your packages from your business, “point A” to put on the truck, and back to the distribution center. That’s the first leg of the journey, or what is also known as the first mile! From there, it’s sorted, flown, driven or sailed on a boat, to the next distribution center, where it is sorted one more time. This is known as the “line-haul”. The packages are then given to a driver and carried to their final destination, “point B”. This is known as the “final mile”


The “final mile” driver picks up thousands of packages, drives them to their final location, gets out of the truck, scans the one or two packages, takes it to the door or desk, scans the package, gets a photo or a signature, goes back to the truck, starts it up and moves on to the next. This happens for every single one of the packages on the truck!


So, the time involved in getting your miniature models of factories off the truck and to their final destination is much more expensive than having them loaded onto that big 747 you saw taking off at the airport. That’s because the cost of shipping on that 747 is split up over every single package that is found on that plane!


So, now you know! How often do you ship in the air or on land? How do you ship from “point A” to “point B”?  How much is it costing you to do so? And how do you figure all of this out?

That is where InXpress comes into the picture. We can find a local carrier or partner that will handle that “final mile” for less, for you! Find out how to save on domestically shipping your model factories on our website today.