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Why You Should Have a Dedicated Local Shipping Specialist

10th March 2020

You’re a small business owner that makes little origami owl thank you cards for clients all over the world. You’ve spent the last 14 hours of your day creating your next batch of paper art goodnesses, packaged them nicely, created shipping labels, and the time has now come to send your creations out into the world.


So off you go to your local shipping center with all of your packages. You stand in line eagerly awaiting your turn to fork over your hard-earned dollars to get your shipments on their way. The clerk behind the counter says that magical word, “Next!” and you step forward with excitement to get this part of your day done and behind you, so you can move on to writing and folding your next batch of art. As the cashier starts to ring you up, they notice a small problem. One that you overlooked during the hustle and bustle of getting your packages put together and out the door. Your excitement starts to fade and your evening of binge-watching your favorite show starts to dissolve away, and the realization that you are going to be pulling an all-nighter YET AGAIN starts to set in.


Sound all too familiar? These sorts of things happen when you own and operate your own business and you ship tons of packages, day in and day out. But it doesn’t have to. What if there was someone at your beckon call that could handle this kind of stuff for you? What if you had a dedicated shipping specialist who could sort ALL of those shipping details for you? Handle ALL of the shipping process needs and tackle any of the problems that pop up. What would you do with all of that free time? Double down on your business? Spend more time with your family? Or get around to polishing that spoon collection that your grandmother passed down to you.


InXpress can help ease your shipping burdens. After all, your promise to get those cute little hand-folded thank you cards to your clients all around the world is our business! Save yourself time and headaches by talking with an InXpress Shipping Specialist today!