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What is LTL?

18th January 2021

LTL...or Less Than Truckload. It is what it sounds like.

How to Determine Freight Cost

11th January 2021

What makes up the cost of your freight?

How to Calculate Freight Density

11th January 2021

Do you know how to calculate the freight density of your goods? Let's break it down.

Essential customer services to show we will go the extra mile

28th May 2020

We may not think of logistics as a caring industry, but with the global pandemic, essential shipping has been enabling the economy to stay open. To InXpress, the safety of our customers, is as essential as supporting their businesses. Which is why we now offer the InXpress stamp of reassurance.

How to Price Packages

16th March 2020

Getting the shipping pricing formula right could make or break your business. So let's talk about how to price your packages so you don't waste time and money!

Why You Should Have a Dedicated Local Shipping Specialist

10th March 2020

As a small business owner, one of your biggest nightmares could be the shipping process. But it doesn't have to be! And here's why...

Domestic Shipping with a 747 or a Mail Truck, which is cheaper?

5th March 2020

One of the biggest misconceptions in the shipping industry, is that shipping on a 747 is really expensive. Here's why that's just not the case.

InXpress has a mission – to deliver a global impact through #InXpressGivesBack

19th November 2019

In the build-up to their 20th anniversary celebrations, InXpress Global were on a mission. To collectively Give Back.