Why InXpress

One of the many benefits of owning a franchise is having our team of dedicated experts to support you every step of the way. Your success is our success!

Dream of running your own business?

Do you want the independence of running your own business and achieving your own dreams? InXpress Franchising opportunity offers a low entry cost and low risk business with a strong return on investment. InXpress could be a great investment opportunity that provides a successful busines model for you. Join a company that was named Top 100 global franchise and continues to be a growing global business. We provide an innovative business model that provides a residual income 365 days a year that can benefit our Franchisees.

Global Shipping Logistics experience

In 1999 InXpress developed our franchise concept and quickly expanded globally. Through sustained growth InXpress is now one of the world's largest franchisers of worldwide express parcel delivery and transportation services. 

We have what you are looking for; a long history, experience in managing a successful franchise system where we want to ensure everyone wins. Furthermore we have significant experience and expertise in the transportation industry.

Our franchise support team will give you the tools and support to ensure you feel confident in growing your business. We are in the best position to support you being successful.

The Strength of InXpress Lies in its Buying Power

InXpress has developed strategic alliances with major international express and freight carriers for transportation services. Through these contracts, InXpress obtains large volume discount rates. These discounts are passed on to the customer by an InXpress Franchise who sells the transportation services and provides world-class customer service they won't get anywhere else.

The concept is SIMPLE: the franchisee sells the service to the customer, the carriers provide the pickup and delivery of the packages, the franchisor does the billing and collections, then the franchisee provides local personalized customer service.

Shipping Specialist provide Unique Shipping Solutions

At InXpress we are proud of the exceptional customer service we provide. As a franchisee you will be trained to become an InXpress Shipping Specialist. You have the knowledge and tools to provide unique shipping solutions for the small to medium sized business. We know how to provide market leading transportation solutions to each customer, which will always be our focus.

A Typical Day as an InXpress Franchisee may involve the following:

  • Cold calling to find customers, evaluate their shipping needs and set up an appointment with a decision maker
  • Provide support to new customers
  • Help existing customers find the best solution for their current shipping needs
  • Have weekly meeting with staff and sales reps
  • Participate in weekly and monthly training that the support center offers
  • Building relationships with local carriers and customers
  • Continue to learn about new products, services and tools

We have customers in all corners of the world that now enjoy preferential rates on their internation and domestic express freight and mail services, together with unparalleled best-in-class customer service.

Franchise Training and Support

InXpress provides you with a thorough 2 phase training course coupled with ongoing support from our experienced Business Coaches to help you succeed. The InXpress boot camp training we offer at Salt Lake City, Utah, is some of the very best training available anywhere today. We will provide comprehensive training across all aspects of the job and wider industry.

You will leave Salt Lake City with the knowledge, confidence and motivation to succeed in achieving your dreams. You will have the support of a trained, experienced and caring support staff with one goal: to help you reach your goals.

Franchise Network Support

By becoming an InXpress franchise, you will be joining a large network of experienced franchisees. This will allow you the ability to tap into a wealth of experience shipping knowledge, support, tips and tools of the trade by existing franchisees in the network.