How InXpress is helping clients to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic


Training and support

As an InXpress franchisee you will be provided access to a fully integrated system, with the training and support to help you flourish and succeed.

Training Phases

Phase 1: Fast Start Training: Product, Sales and Franchise Webinars

Our webinars are formulated to give ou an introduction to international sales in the global shipping industry.

Phase 2: New Franchise Training Course

We offer world class training with trainers who have succeeded in the industry. You will attend a 7-day training workshop in Salt Lake City, Utah. Here you will learn the sales techniques, industry knowledge, the success formula, marketing techniques and what to focus on in order to achieve your goals and dreams.

Training also includes a proven sales technique called "The InXpress Way" - an easy sales approach to bring on potential global shipping customers.

Training Support

We have a trained and caring staff that is anxious to help you reach your goals. Aside from answering your questions, we will give you the guidance you need to build great equity in a residual income business.

After completing the New Franchise Training Course, you will receive a 2-day support visit from your experienced business coach. During this visit, you and your business coach will conduct cold calls, make appointments, visit potential customers, activate customers, role play and visit the DHL station manager in your area.

The objective is to experience as many different scenarios as possible for overall interaction.

In addition to your training and support visit, you will receive on-going training through:

  • Weekly accountability calls
  • Weekly accountability calls
  • Monthly system calls
  • Monthly motivation calls
  • Annual sales convention
  • Regional meeting
  • Sales conferences
  • Carrier provided training
  • Regular weekly and monthly updates

InXpress Corporate Support Center

One of the unique characteristics of our model is that the franchisee can focus on selling and building customer relationships while the franchisor handles the "back office" responsibilities. We do all of your customer invoicing and collections while keeping you in the loop all the way. This allows you to focus on building your business and not dealing with the costs and billing details that can bog you down.